• A unique line of products ranging from original gentle peels to care and injectables for contour plastics.
  • One of the  brands of the highest quality at an affordable price.
  • Two powerful structures with the scientific potential at the sources of the brand.
  • Worldwide patents for a variety of formulas.
  • The purpose of the brand is to offer a demanded assortment of high-quality products necessary in daily practice to the cosmetologists and patients, showing pronounced clinical results. In this case, the objective of creating green formulas with the maximum possible use of vegetable raw materials and the application of natural preservatives has been achieved.

FEMEGYL® is a line of complementary products. Each product has its individual composition allowing the use of maximum possible range of nutrients at a sequential application without overloading the skin.  When creating these products, all features of their structure, metabolic processes, as well as the possibility of the impact of ingredients on the entire depth of the dermis have been taken into consideration.

One of the main products is deionized artesian water extracted in an ecologically clean district of the Moscow region and specially trained. The top quality ingredients are selected for the preparation of FEMEGYL® cosmetics. Small batches and localization of production in Russia ensure the freshness of products supplied to clinics. FEMEGYL® may be called a piece production, handicraft in the conditions of a pharmaceutical company.

FEMEGYL® products have been developed in collaboration with physician-dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists, immunologists, pharmacologists and chemical engineers with the active participation and in cooperation with the Institute of Plastic surgery and cosmetology. 

FEMEGYL ® Products